Job Training Program

Our foundational framework for what we do at Heartisans Marketplace is the Biblical truth that we are all created and designed by God to work (Genesis 1:27-28), that work is good and makes God's world work (Genesis 1:31), and work brings glory to God (John 17:4).

Work is a core place where we receive our purpose and dignity. Lack of employment often results in a loss of purpose and dignity which creates a cycle of emotional, spiritual, and economic poverty.

At Heartisans, we champion the cause of work for those who need it most by providing customized job training through a community partnership with Longview Economic Development Corporation (LEDCO) as an ACT Career Ready 101 site. We help restore dignity and purpose through helping women find meaningful work in our community. In return, business owners receive employees who understand the value of purpose for work. The whole community benefits!